I guess I should take a moment and talk about the things I've changed since the original version of the story, even if I never plan to publish it. I've tried write something like this before, but that was as a summery for explaining the characters, before I started the rewrite.

I started writing the original version of the first book somewhere between Summer of 2016 and Spring of 2017; My memory of writing it places it at the former date, but I re-organized all the files, which messed up some of the file dates, in Summer of 2017.

The story was originally supposed to take place in Summer 2007, because of a misplaced nostalgia for childhood (HAHAHA I'm over that), but also because of the forshadowing that could be done by making references to the lingering damage of the January 2007 North American Ice Storm, leading up to the appearance of the villain.

I think it's safe to say that the city that the story opens in is based on Springfield, Missouri. The scene where the villain first appears takes place downtown, at the fountain in Jordan Vally Park. The original story explicitly named Springfield, as well as my hometown; however, I was less afraid of being doxxed back then, because I hadn't figured out that I was trans yet. It was writing Nemesis' and Daisy's dialogue that led me to the realization. Especially when compared to the flat characterization of the 2 male characters I removed (They were only in about 5% of the scenes anyway).

The first "book" is pretty much exactly the same as the original, with a few other changes

There was originally-originally just supposed to be one book, that ended with a big battle with the big bad in Park Central Square, everyone presumably learns about magic and the end. But I still wanted to write, because by writing I was unpacking some stuff I really needed to work through, so I Thought up a Bigger Fish for them to fight, and renewed the series for a second season book.

The opening to Book II was similar, but Victoria's origin originally used a CRISPER Gene-drive instead of Nemesis' Nanites. Beyond that, Book II was (or will be) almost entirely different.

Book 3 is entirely new. Tiffany's character was invented during the rewrite. However, many of the concepts in the 3 books after that use unfinished ideas from the original story. "At What Cost?" is a deconstruction of one finished idea. "Dubito" will be a much darker reprise of a similar arc in the original series that took place in the setting that will be introduced at the end. "Undone" will be a reworking of 2 different unfinished arcs from the original into a single dark and wrenching plotline.

This story helped me find who I am today, and I hope you will enjoy it.