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Hi! I'm Transgal4872, I use She/Her and They/Them pronouns.

I'm Transgender, Neurodiverse, and very shy in new groups of people. I trigger easily, and tend to keep myself isolated as a result.

I have Ausperger's syndrome, which means that I have trouble understanding social situations. My brain works differently, and the way I learn and do certain things confuses other people. I find a lot of complicated math and programming stuff to be very easy, but I can't compleatly explain some of the things I know. This kind of proficiancy with a certain subject is not universal to everyone who has Ausperger's, but is not uncommon.

I like stories that have complex, interconnected myth arcs and ensamble casts. In my stories, I address current social issues and deep phisisophical questions, juxtiposed by cultural references, memes, and puns. When writing, I visualize the entire scene, compleate with verbal dialogue and movement.

One of the major goals of the game I'm working on is to have higher LGBTQIA representation, and to allow Trans and Non-Binary players more freedom in character selection.

People always try to tell me that I care too much, but if you stop caring about things, then what's the point of existing?


This Website is for Mature Audiances A lot of times, I write as a means of working through stress, anxiety, depression, and dysphoria. As a result, my stories end up having dark twists, and these neccessitate some heavy content warnings: death, abuse, neglect, discrimination, deadnaming/misgendering, graphic depictions of violance, self-harm, interpersonal drama, and various types of xenophobia (including racism, homophobia, and transphobia). stories frequently depict dystopic settings (Orwellian or Capitalist), and contain discussion/deconstruction of the harmful effects of Capitalism, the Burgoisie, and the False Conciousness. stories tend to have emotionaly charged scenes, and may cause emotional whiplash. some parts contain "Uncanny Vally" descriptions, which tend to evoke a stronger reaction in prose than when presented in imagery. Some characters may react with non-proportional force. Some villains may hold `Alternative´ moral views (so that those ideas can be punched). Characters may hold philisophical discussions about common "flame" topics. Situations may force characters to answer the trolly problem; derailing the trolly may not be have a desirable outcome. Some characters are based on figures in certain religions, and are portrayed with varying degrees of accuracy to the source texts. Content has not been rated by the Moral Guardians. Reader discretion is advised

This website will never be paywalled, will never contain ads, and will never collect your data, much less sell it or use it to train skynet.

Unite; we are stronger together.
Use Free and Open-Source software.
Strive for progress, not for NEW! NEW! NEW!.
When no ethical options exist, abstaine or choose the lesser evil instead of giving up and giving in.
Buy used stuff and share it instead of feeding the capitalist "machine".
Go to farmer's markets.
Support local and union-freindly businesses.
Pay forward your surplus.
Always pursue more knowladge. Share knowladge freely.
Advocate Tolerance, Multiculturalism, and learning about other Cultures.
Condemn In-group/Out-group Bias, Xenophobia, Forced Assimilation, and Apathy Normalization.
Embrace Call-Out Culture (Responsibly; otherwise...).
Use facts and logic, not buzzwords and rhetoric.
Challange preconceptions; avoid Groupthink
When you can help somone, help them. Never leave somone behind.
Resist being drawn into Moral Nihilism.
Join the Gen-Z Revolution.

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